In this Section, You Can Post your Practical Procedures on Labguider and Get Credited

On Labguider, we are interested in our users’ laboratory experiments, field practicals, unique inventions, and benefiting DIYs.
Therefore, if you have any of these articles to upload to the website, kindly follow the following steps.
Note that if your article gets published, your name will be credited, and your profile picture displayed.

Things to know before you submit

All articles and procedures submitted must satisfy the following:

  • Must be something valuable to our audience. Something outside the scope of this website or self promotional contents will not be approved.
  • The file must be in word or pdf format; readable, and most preferrably editable.
  • Should not be on any subject already discussed on the website, unless another method is adopted
  • Should be able to be grouped on at least a department on the site.
  • Should be written legibly and error free. Avoid excessive jargon.
  • You should state your name and the department or section your article is based on.
  • Attach your passport photograph (not larger than 200kb) and a writer’s bio (not more than 200 words)

Things to note:

  • Please note that all procedures or articles are submitted to our email labguiderservices@gmail.com
  • Editors have the right to view, edit, adjust or rearrange submitted procedures according to their discretion
  • Any procedure that does not satisfy the above items will not be approved
  • Ads may be displayed within the content
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