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What do we do?

Succinctly, labguider.com provides guidance to scientists, engineers, agriculturists, and any one who performs one practical or the other. Science, Engineering, and Agriculture to me seem like courses which should be introduced to students practically contrary to the alternative to practicals and numerous classes being the method used in most schools.

To compensate for this lack, LabGuider was created to give detailed step-by-step instructions on how to carry out the experiments and practicals. The information given include: The introduction to the practical, the equipments and materials needed, the aims of the practicals, the objectives, the procedures, results and calculations, conclusion and recommendations, and in some cases, examples are provided to further assist in the full comprehension of the practicals.

All the practicals’ procedures were put together by professionals in the specific practicals. This dream came to live due to productive collaboration of brilliant lecturers, students – groups and individuals alike. We hope we are of help to you. Thanks.

Why should you choose labguider.com?

All writers are experts in the field who had been (and still) in the shoes of providing detailed reports of results achieved from carrying out practicals, and this energy is what had been channeled into this website. To foster this benefits, reports and word formats of procedures are also provided for experiments. These documents had been arranged in the acceptable report format, following the rules of margin, capitalization, paragraphing, and so on. This immensely helps the students in presenting a neat and perfectly arranged report.

Feel free to contact us on our email labguiderservices@gmail.com
You can also directly contact Samuel Alalade directly on samuel@labguider.com
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